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Tevo Flash 3D Printer

Information on the Tevo Flash

So i take it you all have heard of Tevo new 3D Printer Tevo Flash, lets tell you what we have found out about it so far

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AC bed is the same as the tornado , heating up to 110 degree in just 90 seconds.

Controller is the MKS Gen L

Print Volume 235x235x250

Nozzle type Volcano

Extruder Type Tevo Titan extruder Bowden

Voltage 110V and 220V


Flash Options

We all like options so what can you chose to add to this printer before you buy

Bed Leveling Standard / BLTouch

Stepper Controller Standard / TMC2100

Z Axis Single / Dual



The Tevo Flash looks like a promising strong sturdy fast 3D Printer

Interested in buying The Flash their first batch will be 300 units

want some discount code  “TEVO Flash” Tevo

Some of the specs could change at any point in time

Dehydrator dry your filament

Dehydrator dry your filament

So how can you use a food dehydrator with 3D printing we know to help get rid of the moisture in your filament, this can help with allot of different filament types from pla to the more exotic stuff like ninja flex. read on to see how to dry your filament

One of the recent articles on from Andre delisle Dehydrator Filament Dryer

Dehydrator Dry your filament

lets talk a little bit about your filament do u use pla ninja flex nylon these filaments absorb water some more than others and to help fix this Andrew wrote this article about drying your filament with a food dehydrator so the article lets get to it

Sadness Strikes!

Extruding wet Ninjaflex


Regardless of how I have been storing my materials… something terrible happened.  My Ninjaflex filament absorbed water.  As I was heating up my hot end on my ever so reliable and slightly modified Tevo Black Widow, I heard the tell tale signs that something was amiss.  There was some slight sizzling and a couple of weird popping noises.  Instead of a solid stream of filament slowly streaming out of my nozzle, I was greeted with a sputtering bubble of liquid goo.

Whelp, that’s depressing!  I needed to finish the printable joints on this new 3D printed hand that I was printing.  After lowering the temperature of the filament 10c from what I normally print at, the filament started to look a little better when extruding.  I decided to push the print job through regardless of the printing temperature and hope for the best.  The job managed to finish and the part seemed strong.  The surface quality was rough and textured.  Not the smooth finish with almost invisible layers that I am used to seeing in my prints.

I decided at this time to check the other hygroscopic filaments in my possession.  Both rolls of Ninjaflex, two rolls of PETG and my roll of Nylon were both water logged messes.  So now, I had three options.

East3D Gecko 3D Printer

East 3D Gecko Review Best All Round 3D Printer

East 3D Gecko Full Review

Click the above link to see the full review

We would like to thank East 3D for sending us there upgraded version of the Gecko to review. We will as always try to give a fair review with any product we get.

If there are problems with the review we will always get in contact with the company, letting them know the problem, so then that issues can get fixed before we finish the review, so you the viewer get to see the product at its full potential.

All of our 3D printer reviews we share with you the slicer profiles firmware anything we do to make the 3D Printer better.


East 3D Gecko Review

In this article i will just list some small points to give you the low down of the East 3D Gecko. Great all round 3D printer corexy structure with a big build volume of 310mm*300mm*300mm. It is a more advanced build, you must take your time to put together if you have time the Gecko will make you happy. 


East 3D Facebook Community

The group currently has over 447 members and 2 admins. They are Chay Chen and Chin Ming Keat. Chay Chen is the CEO of East 3D, he knows his stuff about 3D printers and he is really helpful, he will do his best to help you any way he can.

Something we are very impressed with is how active east 3D reps are on Facebook and how they always answer any of your questions or concerns. East 3D really love listening to there customers even if it is a complaint, customer satisfaction all the way.To be honest after receiving this printer for review we cant believe how great there support is with there customers, and us you can tell they want to build there community and there brand.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this preview of our East 3D Gecko review.

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