BIQU Magician Lipstick-Sized Delta Rostock 3D Printer(No Need to Assembly Kossel 3D Printer)


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  • 32 BITS MOTHERBOARD CONTROLLER : 32 speeding up processing with motherboard 100 mHZ 2.8 inch easy to operate with touch screen.Easy with Titan extruder Gear deceleration at 70 mm / s 3: 1 print speed can increase nozzle moving speed
  • TITAN EXTRUDER, Titan is an amazing lightweight extruder made with injection molded parts for maximum performance
  • FILM PRESSURE SENSOR AUTO-LEVELING: High precision, leveling repeatability can be ± 0.05mm. The default trigger distance is 0.1mm. Good anti-interference ability, will not be affected by the platform material, ambient light, ambient temperature and humidity, etc
  • TOUCH SCREEN: Use high Sensitivity & High Reaction 2.8 inch Touch Screen, easy to operate
  • LIPSTICK-SIZED, LIGHT WEIGHT: Convenient for student and 3d printer interested beginner to carry to anywhere

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