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Hulk Scene Acusation

Hulk Scene Acusation

Hulk Scene Acusation

It has came to inov 3D and our Team Members awareness And Malix 3Design that a premium Model By Malix has been put on thingiverse for free download and  the author is acting as one of our team members Jens Formgeber.

It is not Jens Formgeber or anyone else that is part of our team jens formgeber has painted this model he wants to finish the hole scene he has also made a video of him painting the model.

For one reason why would it be us we get accsess to malix 3Design models to test so why would we Here is the link http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2190296/#comments The following picture is the model Jens Formgeber painted.

Inov 3D Or any team member of Inov 3D Has nothing to do with this. We would like to keep testing malix 3D models we dont sell the models.


 607,    29  Apr  2017 ,   Feature

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